Flying Bride


This performance will bring you into a dream…
a spectacular white balloons cluster
will literally make the bride fly towards her groom.
Your guests will be the astonished and fascinated audience of the show.

The wedding day becomes even more unique and memorable. The bride arrives flying over the guests, carried by the lightness of hundreds of white balloons. The versatility of this show also allows you to continue the show while cutting the cake or to customize moments of dance and music.

A romantic waltz within air and ground will be performed by an aerial dancer and a stilt acrobat.. to seal and remember the magical
union of the newlyweds. On a classical romantic music, the tender
elegance of the movement will become the main act in a magical synergy

The flying artist will appear again to join the bride and the groom cutting the cake to celebrate the majesty of that moment in an aesthetic way

Hundreds of white balloons will be released in the sky or given as a gift to each guest that will be free to join the newlyweds and free them in the magic of the night.

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