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Who has never dreamt of flying up, up and away with a bunch of balloons?

Molecole is a show with strong visual impact whose simplicity and capacity to recall a dream and a sense of wonderment.

Molecole show is for all of our imaginations, whether we are big or small. It’s the dream of floating away with a bunch of balloons. It’s a desire that feeds the sense of transporting into magic and astonishment. That’s the truly essential forces of the show.

The theatrical machine that gives Molecole its form comes from the past and an experience working with individual floating spheres, large helium-filled structures that can transport acrobats through the sky.


Scenography and choreography in Molecole are united in a single relationship of movement and image. Linked to classical dance performed as the acrobat is flying, it raises him or her up to an ethereal, magical, fluctuating dimension, reminding the spectator of images of elegant underwater movements.

Figure of the acrobat becomes pure protagonist, transforming itself into a marvellous being, capable of moving around inside another dimension. Modern physics and chemistry have thus led to the development of simple materials that allow a huge scenic machine to be constructed and the acrobat to be raised up.

Molecole is a highly adaptable show, both in terms of image and content. The flying structure can be modified, obtaining various compositions which adapt to different representations. Costume allows the acrobat to play different roles and take on a wealth of value.

This scenic machine can also be used to raise acrobats up with different props such as fabrics, hoops and plenty more besides. There are numerous incidences of interaction with the public and with other artistic figures both on the ground and in the air. To sum up, art and technology applied to an image and to a movement become one in their essence.

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